Topic: Reporting other users and posts

Hello, if you are concerned with any post a users has posted (either you find it breaks any of our rules or you find it offensive) then please report it using the buttons you will find under the post next to reply. This way you help us keep the forums a safe and fun place for everyone. When reporting posts please give a clear explanation of why the post is offensive so we can see it through your point of view as clearly as possible. If for what ever reason the report button does not work please pm one of the moderators as soon as possible the same way you would report a post ie with the explanation of why you are reporting the post or user.

Reporting personal messages, to do this please pm (personal message) one of the moderators as soon as you can.

If you are not part of the fanzak community ie you do not have a account but have read something offensive on our forum please register on the forums and use one of the above ways of reporting a post.

We do monitor the forums regularly however we do miss somethings, if we have reporting it means everybody is happy.

Thank you for your cooperation.