Topic: Comment on other forum profiles

Here at the fanzak forums we have added yet another feature recently to help improve the user experience of the forums this new feature allows users to actually comment on others forums profiles.

It is easy to do for example you can try it out now for your self just by clicking my name fanzak>then clicking on "Read Profile Comments or Send a Comment" where you are able to read other people comments and add one yourself... you dont have to just use this feature as a way of commenting on someones profile but also a way to thank people for helping you on the forum or another use is to ask that user a question that all users can see.
If you comment on a moderators profile member not to use it as a report feature and start reporting users via it leave that to personal messaging as other people will be able to see these comments and you don't want to cause a war now do you?
You can however use these profile comments to request things from the moderators for example new forums to be open or future features you want added to the forums.

Good luck