Topic: About the running forum

Welcome to the running forum

Running is great for keeping yourself fit and healthy. Not only that but running is fun too! Don't believe me then ask anyone in this forum and they will tell you that there is more to running than meets the eye and it is a fun hobby for most!
Here on the running forum you can ask your running questions.. whether your a beginner just starting out running and want to know the best way to get off the starting line or even if you a running pro and want to share your knowledge this running forum is for you. In the running forum we discuss things like best running technique.. how to to run faster... what food  and diet is best for runner... plus we discuss running issues like injury's and what are the best insoles to help prevent injury's or help to ease the pain of a injury too.

As you can see we do discuss a lot of things here about running.. I am also sure i have missed out a whole heap of other things we talk about here on the running forum but i guess you can find out yourself so why not jump straight in!


Re: About the running forum

What i think is cool about the fanzak running forum is that it is for anyone whether you are a pro or a amateur anyone can join in with the conversation.... That why i joined as im not a pro and don't always know what i am talking about but i dont have to pretend that i do :D.. unlike other forums. <<<<<im not being paid to say this :D