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Topic: Who is going to win the super bowl today?

So it is the superbowl today (if you didn't know about it and have been living under a rock).. who do you reckon is going to win it? My bet is on the broncos as the seahawks proved in their last game that they are just arrogant people (sherman) and aren't really playing how football should be played and are just cheats in my opinion... Peyton manning has ruled this season of football so I expect this superbowl is his...He has played really well and I didn't think he would have recovered from his neck injury but he has and is playing as good as ever so he deserves to win I think!!


Re: Who is going to win the super bowl today?

well it looks as though you were wrong and the seahawks won...... is spectacular style too! The Broncos played the worst they have all season I think especially at the start with that safety and all that I think set them off for a bad game.