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Golf has been around for a long time much longer than we may actually think, did you know that people where actually playing a form of golf way back in the 15th century in Scotland? Well it true, but instead of playing golf as we see it today the rules where a little if not a lot different (considering they didn't use golf balls... but small stones and they did not really use proper golf clubs). Modern golf that is played today was made in 1750... that still a long time ago! The first official rules of gold where published in Edinburgh 1776.
Instead of hitting small stones and pebbles golf players decided that they needed something that would be more accurate and wouldn't fly off in a random direction so they decided to make golf balls... although the earlier golf balls where not the best... however 1848 a golf ball that resembles modern golf balls that golfers play today was made. This golf ball was made out of gutta tree sap and was far more accurate and lightweight than its counterparts.

There is a lot more history on golf this is just a snapshot of golfs history.

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I actually didn't know golf was that old.. in fact i actually didn't know Scotland invented golf (I did know however that there are lots of famous golf courses in scotland.... im not a golfer as you might have already guessed) well you learn something new everyday i guess :D