Topic: Chriss here!

Hey im chris i thought it would be rude not to at least make a about me thread on the forums... So if you dont already know me which you probably dont then let me tell you a little bit about my self and say hi!

Im chris im {insert a number here} years old hehe im not gonna say my age.. dunno why just not :D anyway sport i like playing is football obviously who doesn't... i do a lot of running as well in my spare time to keep fit and its good fun running while listening to music as well.. erm I live in England .. dont get me started on how rubbish the country is.. its really bad but i guess i could be living in worse places.. i guess.

Well that's all i can think to tell you at the minute.. i guess you guys could ask me a couple question and id try to answer them as honest as i can when i got time that is.. but for the time being hello.. and good bye :D