Topic: Diet food is not healthy

I don't get how some diet food can be labeled as diet food to me all diet food is no good at all as they will basically take away all the essential nutrients like fat just to reduce the calories of the food.... meaning its like eating cardboard! who agrees?

Il make a poll.. but im sure noone will say it is healthy only if some one who joined these forums works for a diet food company hehe


Re: Diet food is not healthy

Diet food of course isnt healthy... they are just designed for the labels on the packaging... low calorie count doesn't mean its healthy at all just been stripped of all its nutrients and just sugar left, besides diets foods tend to be ready prepared microwave meals which are frozen and full of additives and what not as well... I never eat diet foods.... Thats a point as well I dont like the word diet as it implies that your just eating healthy for a little period of time ie to loose weight... when you should really be eating healthy all the time.