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Topic: I dont like other forums full of sarcastic freaks

Just realized that fanzak is the only place to be really.. as all other forums are just full up with sarcastic pillocks and moderators who are just trying to use users to make money. LOL also other forums ban anyone who even talks about another website and links to it straight away... reasons because they are trying to keep link juice.. link juice is a term used and references the flow of power from one website another from links.. some morons think you can loose your own power of your website if you have a outbound link to another website. Reason why forum moderators dont like links is that they have only made the forum for seo purposes and to help them make money through adverts from search engine traffic... they have this false perception that linking out looses there forums link juice and as a result rankings in the search engines which is complete nonsense really... and just helps show that those forums aren't made for the community but only made to make money.. Also if you join and post on another forum or sports forum your just met by a bunch of nerds who just spend all day thinking of pointless and boring things to say...unlike on fanzak that is! Thats why i think fanzak forums are great because they are made for fans of sport only.. and no annoying ads put anywhere and everywhere either. Shame it doesn't have more member's but im sure when people start to know about our forum people will join. Im a fan of fanzak! :D
(I know so much about all that marketing stuff as that my day job...)


Re: I dont like other forums full of sarcastic freaks

Not quite sure what your going on about now chriss but i will just nod :D hehe a bit of sarcasm ;)