Topic: Rules of the forum

A forum should be a easy going, and pleasant place to share knowledge and opinions with the freedom to ask and answer questions and to chat to people without offense or trouble.
That is why we have put together these simple rules for our forum here at Fanzak to make the forums a better place. The rules are not designed to restrict freedom of speech but too keep the forums from utter chaos. All member's who join this forum should abide by these rules at all times.. there not hard to remember (common sense will help).

Here are the rules of the forum

No advertising- Fanzak is a free forum, if the forum become a hub of advertising the forum purpose and content would suffer and the Fanzak forums would no longer be a reliable place to go to find out information but a place full of people "selling" things. This is the reason why we do not allow advertising on the forum.

Advertising can take many forms, how we judge at Fanzak whether someone is advertising a product or service or not is by judging whether the user is a respected member or not (ie not someone who has just turned up out of the blue promoting something). If we think that a member is simply recommending a product or service because it maybe helpful or it helped them then we will not view this as advertising.

Link spam is obviously something we do not tolerate and all users found spamming links on the forum will find there account deleted or banned. We are not stupid like other forums and go around banning every person who dares post a link whether to there own website or not we can tell the difference between a helpful link and a unhelpful blatant advertising link.
We will judge whether the user has posted something relevant and will help users or not when deciding whether a link is good or bad... (All accounts that simply post once and add unhelpful links will be deleted at once so don't waste your time... if you are posting on forums for internet marketing it is much better to offer something to the community and gain respect from the forum members than simply spamming.. this way you may very well help your brand in the niche you are in)

Please keep on topic, please do not hijack other people threads with unrelated things... It is rude and you are more likely to get a response from other forum members if you post your own thread.

Please post thread in the right forums, If for example you are talking about a football team please don't post in the basketball forum... you wont get many answers back from the basketball fans about football... Moderators will move threads, but if we think that a member is on purposely doing this we may limit that member's posting abilities or ban the member for a period of time.

If you are unsure what forum to post to you can always pm one of the moderators about the thread you wish to create and we shall tell you exactly what forum you should post to.

We want this forum to be a pleasant please so we do not allow any abusive or offensive language, those who are found abusing other member's or swearing may find there accounts banned for a period of time.
If anyone sends a personal message to you that you find offensive in anyway please send a pm to a moderator as soon as possible.

If you have any more questions regarding the rules of the forum please post in the Fanzak support forum, you can also post in that section if you are having any issues with the forum and need support. (Also you can post bugs, mistakes and problems you may have found on the Fanzak website or forum as this will really help us make Fanzak a much better sports and health website.

Thank you for reading our rules!