Topic: Lycopene in tomatoes stops a lot of things

Lycopene found in tomatoes has been studied by a lot of scientist recently and there is a lot of talk of how this cartanoid is extremely good for you.
A tomato with alot of lycopene will be very red in colour as it is the lycopene that will actually give it this colour... But why is lycopene so good for you? what does it actually do? Well what i can gather from various articles lycopene is that it is a essential part of your diet and it is not made by the human body and only through the diet will you get lycopene. Lycopene will help combat free radicals, slow cellular aging and help combat a huge number of disease including cardio vascular disease.

This doesn't mean that putting extra tomato sauce on chips will help you say healthy... many processed tomato sauces i doubt will even be made out of real tomatoes.. and will contain very small nutritional value if any at all....

Well what are your thoughts on lycopene? Does this make tomatoes a super food?


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Re: Lycopene in tomatoes stops a lot of things

I always eat tomatoes! tomato sauce on chips all the time   :lol: