Topic: Wifi limited access problem

Recently my computer has been sending me crazy, well it was anyway its not anymore I never have this problem anymore. Limited access (connections) were a yellow triangle with a exclamation point kept on showing up over the wifi bars on the tab. It was a weird problem because it was showing that I had a connection but it wouldn't let me on the internet even though I had a connection hence limited access.. I tried everything on the internet like wifi security settings and still I could watch my favorite sports on the internet because of this problem...... A simply fix of changing the wifi dongle driver port fixed it. I found this answer nowhere to be seen on the internet... I accidentally switched the dongle into another driver port and I have not had a problem since. I find that this problem can be caused by driver malfunction. Now I can finally get back to watching sports with the internet connection breaking and going to limited access randomly every couple of minutes! Yay I am so happy.