Topic: Find the Sport your a fan of...

In the fanzak sports forum you can find all sorts of different sports categories where you can talk to fellow sports people who are interested in that particular sport. Here at fanzak we have tried to include as many sports as we can think of... but we are sure we have missed quite a few If you can think of a sport that you are a fan of and that isn't on the fanzak forums then please post you suggestions in this thread also and we will add it straight away.

The aim of us separating the different sports into sub-forums is to create separate community for that particular sport and to better organize fanzak so users can find what they are looking for easier.
If you have general sporting questions that do not fall under a particular sport use the main sport forum to post and not a subforum.

Some of the subforums will be more active than other subforums it just depends on how popular the sport is.

As fanzak grows we may decide to award active and trusted members of a sport subforum moderator status to help better moderate the forums.