Topic: The Diet and Healthy living forums

We have created this section fo the forums for people to talk to each other about diet programs and staying healthy.
You will find much discussion on the diet and healthy living forums about the best ways to loose weight, stay healthy and much much more.

There are so many diet plans out there and many contradictions and opinions on what diet plan actually works so instead of giving a simple answer if some one asks for example "what is the best diet?" don't just answer the paleo diet... but instead say something like

"I think that the paleo diet is one of the best diets humans can have because it is all about eating the foods that we have genetically evolved with eating for thousands of years, our genetics have not changed much since the caveman times but modern diet has... The paleo diet is all about eating unprocessed food and eating what the cavemen ate... the cavemen obviously didnt eat processed fast food so that kind of food is obviously not good for your body!"

Now isn't that kind of answer a lot better than the first!

You don't have to just talk about diets in this forum but other ways on keeping healthy as well!