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Topic: 9 foods that you should avoid at all costs

Hey i thought i would just post this, could be helpful to people who don't already know about these 9 foods that you should avoid at all costs.

White bread is your enemy, white bread contains gluten<--- gluten is even more of your enemy than white bread in my opinion as it causes small holes in your stomachs wall these small holes causes food to then leak into your blood supply. When this happens your antibody's will then attack these food particles as they see them as invading foreign body's. This causes allergy's and allergy symptoms.
But that is not just why you should eat white bread. Often white bread is made out of refined white flour where by all nutrition is actually taken out of the white bread leaving just the sugar part left behind.

White rice, Similar to white bread above.. all the nutrients of white rice has been removed and essentially your eating nothing but carbs.

What you should do is eat organic brown bread and rice as these have not had the nutrients taken out of them. If you are used to eating white bread and rice you may need time to get used to the flavor of brown rice and bread but brown rice and bread is a lot better for you in the long run!

Ready meals this may sound obvious to you nutritionists but for those of you who are not aware eating read meals is really bad. Ready meals are called ready meals because all you have to do is put them in the microwave or oven for a couple of minutes and you get a instant meal. But the meal will have next to zero nutritional value. Processed food like ready meals will be packed with colorings, chemicals and flavorings just think what these can do to your health? Most people eat ready meals because they are simply a cost effective and quick way to eat a sad truth of the modern era indeed. Eating healthy doesnt have to be expensive though you can still eat on a budget and eat healthy even now! Maybe organic food maybe a little expensive but there are still cheaper foods that you can buy that are good for you which you can make into a tasty meal. If you buy foods that don't go off in bulk you can get them a lot cheaper too!

Cured meats are also on the no no list! Cured meats will have a whole ton of preservatives among other harmful chemicals like sodium nitrate on them to make them last longer on the shelf and so they don't go off. These preservatives can cause a lot of health problems including heart disease.

Margarine is next on our seemingly never ending list of foods not to eat. Trans fats like margarine are a big no! Not all fats are bad and we need fat in our diets to be healthy but trans fats are the bad fats that we shouldn't eat.

Soy why not to eat soy?  genetically modified, zero nutritional value.. high levels of estrogen in soy can cause hormone imbalances. Most soy additives are made by using hexane which is a harmful chemical.

Diet foods Many of the so called diet foods that have been made specifically for people to lose weight are also bad. Often the food manufactures will replace the fat found in the food with chemicals in a effort to keep the calories of that food down. Not only that but they will also replace other nutritional elements of the food with flavorings and sweeteners as well. It is best to avoid these foods. (ironically though most of these diet foods will be expensive even though they can wreck your health)

Energy bars and protein these are not healthy so don't listen to the adverts a balanced diet with organic food is a better alternative. energy bars and protein will also contain soy powder and other chemicals that can be bad for your health. You can find some good protein products but be sure to check the ingredients of what is in it first though

What do you guys think should you eat these foods or avoid them?
If you can think of any more please say :D


Re: 9 foods that you should avoid at all costs

Thanks for the tip's Rudolf, isn't white bread alos bleached as well which makes it even worse?