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Topic: Do you prefer playing sports or watching them on tv?

I also like playing sport rather than watching them on tv (that my opinion anyway).. i guess some people don't have a option to play sport through injury and whatnot but all that aside what would you rather be doing watching a game of sport or actually playing it for yourself for real?

I know that some fat beer belly fans obviously prefer to watch football than play it because they lazy.. but i guess also watching the pros play football is great especially if your at a match and with the whole environment and that too.

What do you say?

( i guess also watching sport on tv mean you in comfort of your own home and no need to get out of breathe.. and no players shouting at you to PASS THE BALL)


Re: Do you prefer playing sports or watching them on tv?

It totally depends on the sport for me (whether i am any good or not) if im rubbish at a sport id rather watch it on tv really saves me the embarrassment of looking bad in-front of my friends. If however its football then it gotta 70% playing 30% watching watching football also gives me ideas and inspiration on how to play as well so watching doesn't always have to be for fun but can also before tactics as well.. learning from the pros