Topic: Why join the best sports, health and fitness forum on the planet!


If you are new to fanzak and have just stumbled upon our forum here and have not joined yet let me tell you why you should join one of the best sports, health and fitness forums on the planet.

The fanzak forums bring sports fan's, health experts and fitness gurus together in one place to discuss well everything sport, health and fitness related things really.
The main fanzak website brings you regular sports updates and health articles... but the fanzak forum's allow you to discuss in as much or as little detail as you want. (for example talk or ask questions about what you may have seen or read in the news, the fanzak main website or somewhere else.)
If you are a fan of a sports team or just a general follower of a sport then you can talk to like minded people on the fanzak forum's!

We have built these forums to be as user interactive as possible... meaning this isnt just a forum but a social network forum! Quick as a flash you can comment on other peoples profiles, tag other users using the @ send personal messages instantly and even share your posts quickly outside of the fanzak forums using the share buttons...

Many of our users are willing to help so for example if you have a diet question and would like a few peoples opinions of what to eat and what not to eat to stay healthy or whatever posting on fanzak is always a good start to find the answers you are looking for.

The easy and laid back fanzak forums are THE place to be if you want to discuss sport or health...